OTA Core PRO Options Trading Signals

Performance Based on stock points Use shorter term options ITM (In the Money) for higher deltas.   Also going in the money plus high delta gets you quickly towards 100% deltas making premium decay a non issue with winning trades.  Plus when you go In The Money you have less premium for decay.  Overall, more money can be made by trading In the Money options.  Use longer term options ATM or OTM for less premium decay.  ROKU 2020: 33.5+40.28+.97+3.54+.85+5.09+28.09 +3.21-8.97+31.37+43.04+58.39 = +239.36 2021: 33.79+16.39+5.21+30.72+5.64+43.06-8.76+1.49+64.11+40.94 = +232.59 UNTIL AUG 1ST 2021 WYNN +.43+37.21+4.21-7.52+15.21+12.21+4.87 +6.08+20.21+12.13 =+105.04 2021: 4.58+3.98+4.21+1.25+5.21-3.54+11.12+7.08+16.21 = +50.1 TIll aug 4 […]

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